Current2Current has designed its tidal energy converter to be very compact enabling operation, maintenance and installation costs to be minimised.

A simple construction, the omni-directional converter works on the principle of redirecting the flow vertically through a shrouded turbine.

The tidal energy converter represents a step change in tidal power development. 

The C2C energy converter has several distinct advantages over existing competition such as:

  • Having no external moving parts
  • Being omni directional and able to exploit flow from any direction
  • Being capable of generating at slower flow speeds
  • Being modular therefore reducing manufacturing and operation costs
  • Being non obtrusive above the waterline, meaning marine traffic is not affected
  • Creating a net down force – reducing the need for extensive foundations
  • Being plug and play, with the aim of being installed and retrieved within two hours
  • Being capable of being overtrawlable

The engine works by diverting the tidal current up through a flow path, between an inner cone and the outer structure. This flow is then directed through a ducted turbine before exhausting vertically out of the top of the cone.

The product continues to be developed following a recognised development process originally used by NASA and now widely used within the subsea oil and gas industry.