Current2Current Ltd was formed in 2007 in order to design and build a tidal device to  harness the energy of water movements as currents flow in and out of tidal areas.

A simple construction, the omni-directional converter works on the principle of redirecting the flow vertically through a shrouded turbine. With commercialisation just around the corner, Current2Current intends to capture a significant share of the market with its novel use of innovative technology.


Current2Current Ltd are now preparing to deliver a pre-production 4m diameter turbine.  The turbine will become a subsea electrical power socket, providing constant power in remote subsea locations, servicing a range of power markets as follows;

Micro power -  100-500W - Applications for this include:

  • Sensors and monitoring instruments

Mid power – 10-100kW - Applications for this include:

  • Island community electricity supply - may be installed in small arrays of multiple turbines

Macro scale power – 300kW-1MW - Applications for this are:

  • Tidal power projects yielding multi-megawatts - installed in arrays of multiple turbines

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